What is Solar Energy

what is solar energy


The origin of the earth and the source of all life is based on solar energy.

All the fossil fuels now used as an energy source, the plants continue to exist millions of years ago thanks to the energy received from the sun and turned into a form of animals.

The solar system consists of planets orbiting around the sun and is a basic source of energy for the world. Today, a large part of the used energy sources are emerging as a result of events caused by the sun. Solar energy, located in the core of the sun is the fusion process exposes the energy of the sun in the form of hydrogen gas from the fusion process into helium. But after a while they all will run out of fossil fuels is also open. In addition, environmental problems caused by fossil-based fuels are considered as a separate problem. The consumption of fossil fuels is causing global warming emissions released into the atmosphere because of this it is also known.

Solar energy technology methods, in terms of equipment and technological level can be divided into two main groups. These groups;

* Thermal energy technologies: in this system is obtained primarily from solar heat. This heat can also be used for generating electricity may be used directly.

* Solar Cells: these semiconductor materials, sunshine is also known as the photovoltaic cells directly convert electricity.

Solar energy is a source of oxygen and gas, smoke, dust, and harmful substances such as carbon or sulfur. All countries of the world is a source of energy to be used by countries eliminate their dependence on energy. It may be provided anywhere without any transport expenditure. But with a reduced density of the solar energy can be available worldwide at the desired density to the desired time. Today’s technology-year-old building in the costs of assembly must be done to take advantage of solar energy is high.

Solar cells, which convert solar energy directly into electricity, are semiconducting systems. life and power density of the solar cell is relatively high. silicon solar cells are used as the base material. the cost of solar cells is high and they need, in addition to a storage system.

The solar energy is converted into heat energy can be converted into electrical energy used. As well as direct electricity production is also possible by using semiconductors. utilization of solar energy by converting it to heat areas are examined in three parts according to the temperature limit.

Low-Temperature at lower temperatures than 150 ° C

• heating of water use

• Building heating and ventilation

• Agricultural product drying and greenhouses

• Water distillation and the production of salt in medium Temperature at temperatures up to 600 C.

• pump water for irrigation

• Small motors, solar pots

• Electricity production by means of steam generators at high temperatures: temperatures above 600 C.

• Solar ovens

• Electrical achieve

• Article Investigation

• Exotic construction materials, ceramics

Earth’s sun is not at the same rate everywhere. the longest in the area and at an angle close to perpendicular to the Earth’s sun, the area between the Tropic of Cancer tropic of Capricorn. heating power of the sun towards farther from the equator to the poles is reduced. For example, the polar regions are reduced by 25% compared to that of the solar equator.

Solar energy is a clean source. Today the world’s most important environmental issue, the rate of increase of CO2 in the atmosphere and the greenhouse effect can be said to be caused by global warming. fired power plants using solar radiation is non-CO2 power plants.

Within the framework of the measurements made on the atmosphere of the sun’s energy to the world m2 1.35 kW (kilowatts) was determined to be. 10 m2 obtained from the field of solar energy is approximately 1 kw. Based on this calculation a year of coal from reserves is determined from the world of solar energy has emerged to have 50 times the size. Many technologies have been developed to take advantage of the sun’s rays. Some of these technologies using light energy from the sun directly or in the form of thermal energy, as other technologies are used to produce electricity from solar energy. But make electricity generation from solar energy by utilizing today’s technology to wind power is more expensive than fossil fuels.

What is solar energy

What is solar energy



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