The 5 Best Solar Panel Companies for the Residential Homeowner


In the event that your home doesn’t have a sunlight based vitality framework introduced yet, 2016 is the year to dive in. In 2014, sun based vitality represented 32 percent of aggregate new power era, and sun based vitality costs have dropped by 73 percent in the most recent nine years. This is likewise the last year to exploit the private renewable vitality assess credit, which permits you to claim 30 percent of qualified costs for a framework.

In any case, with such a large number of sun based vitality choices out there, how would you know which is the best fit for you? Here’s a glance at five of the top organizations for private sun powered boards.


Sunrun® is the third-biggest renting organization for sun oriented board establishments in the U.S. The organization is known for its great boards and exclusive BrightPath establishment framework that is straightforward and requires little upkeep.

Best Selling Point: Sunrun ensures the execution of its hardware and will refund the distinction in expenses if the execution doesn’t coordinate what was conceded to when contracts were agreed upon. This makes Sunrun perfect for any individual who has delays about the real investment funds capability of sun powered exhibits.

Conceivable Con: The organization works in just 14 states and may not cover all regions or neighborhoods inside those states. Potential clients ought to first contact Sunrun to check whether the organization offers benefits in their general vicinity.

See whether Sunrun is accessible in your general vicinity!


NRG Energy is one of the biggest speculators in option control internationally. It was named the top sun based engineer at Solar Power World Magazine’s Top 400 Solar Contractors Gala in 2014. The organization expects to be a brand that customers relate to sun based items.

Best Selling Point: NRG has a portion of the best sun oriented boards in the business. Profoundly respected for their solidness, NRG’s boards are produced to withstand outrageous climate conditions. The organization likewise offers home generators for reinforcement control. This makes NRG an extraordinary choice for property holders in provincial ranges with turbulent climate and regular blackouts.

Conceivable Con: Unlike numerous other sun oriented organizations, NRG does not offer its establishments or offer Power Purchase Agreements to clients. Furthermore, purchasers will require a moderately high FICO rating to meet all requirements for NRG’s rent choices.


SunPower® has been creating sun oriented innovation since the 1970s, making it one of the more established private sun oriented board organizations in the U.S. The organization endeavors to improve the way toward changing to sun oriented by helping families roll out the improvement in only a couple of straightforward strides.

Beat Selling Point: SunPower utilizes Maxeon sun based cell innovation, which they created to perform better, last more, and look more pleasant. SunPower boards can create up to 70 percent more vitality than traditional boards over the initial 25 years. Outline shrewd, they include an against intelligent covering and no matrix lines, making SunPower perfect for the individuals who think about the presence of their sun powered boards.

Conceivable Con: Rather than utilizing its own particular staff, SunPower outsources establishment work to neighborhood sun based organizations. While these temporary workers are confirmed by SunPower, you may need to do some extra work to vet the installers.


Xoom Solar is a backup of Xoom Energy, one of the quickest developing privately owned businesses in the U.S. A Better Business Bureau-certify business with an A+ rating, Xoom considers client benefit important.

Beat Selling Point: While numerous sun powered organizations will either rent or offer their clusters, Xoom Solar permits clients to pick between Power Purchasing Agreements, renting, and acquiring choices. This makes Xoom Solar perfect for those searching for adaptable installment choices. Whichever alternative a client picks, establishments accompany a 25-year guarantee on gear and a 10-year guarantee on workmanship.

Conceivable Con: Xoom Solar is one of the fresher sun powered organizations in the U.S. It developed in 2014, only three years after its parent organization, Xoom Energy, was established. In spite of the fact that Xoom is developing rapidly, a few buyers may like to work with a more settled organization.


In 2013, Vivint Solar® was the second-biggest private sun based supplier in the nation. Also, as its parent organization, Vivint, Inc., has a decent notoriety in the home security segment, clients can match their sun based establishment with extra home checking and caution innovation.

Beat Selling Point: Vivint’s business, client administration, establishments, and support are performed by in-house staff. Subsequently, the organization can generally get sun powered exhibits set up inside a 24-hour window. This makes Vivint perfect for the individuals who need to get up and running with sun based at the earliest opportunity.

Conceivable Con: Vivint utilizes sun based boards made by Canadian Solar, and boards from Chinese sunlight based producers Trina Solar and Yingli Solar. This can be a sympathy toward the individuals who want to utilize American-made boards.

There are numerous private sunlight based vitality organizations, and every offers special advantages. As you research your alternatives, talk with various suppliers to get cites and examine financing choices. While it normally costs amongst $25,000 and $35,000 to introduce a 5kW close planetary system, the genuine cost can differ contingent upon which organization you experience, how much vitality you utilize, and what setup you need. Utilize our sun powered board establishment cost mini-computer to improve thought of what you ought to expect as far as setup expenses.

*All guarantees and components are present as of this written work. It would be ideal if you contact sun powered organizations for full points of interest.

The 5 Best Solar Panel Companies for the Residential Homeowner

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